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We support our students academically by providing education from primary school (K-6th grade) to secondary and upper school (7th-12th grade), and we continue to support our students with their higher education goals by providing university and technical school scholarships.

Talents Development

We encourage students to discover their artistic and athletic talents, taking advantage of opportunities offered by Guatemala’s national school of arts and the federation of gymnastics, table tennis and soccer.

Discover the purpose of Life

We invite our children and their families to enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus–which we know is the key to experience transformation in our daily living, relationships with others, and future goals! We enjoy daily devotionals and learning and discovering together the plans God has for each one of us!


Every day we share breakfast, lunch and a mid-day snack together with each of our students, Monday-Saturday.  Additionally, we always make sure to provide food on the weekends and during school holidays to families who need the extra support.

Welcome to Maná de Vida (Manna of Life)

Maná de Vida is an association founded by Guatemalan people in order to help the under-served in our community. We know that God graciously provided us with a job or business to support ourselves, and He has called us to share what we have with 185 children currently living in poverty in the Department of Escuintla, Guatemala. The families we serve have very limited economic, social and cultural resources, so we are committed to provide them with food, education, and spiritual companionship to discover the purpose God has for their lives.